• 1. Can I really eat this film?

    A:YES YOU CAN! Our food grade films delivery system is designed to be eaten along with the ingredient, food, or beverage that it is delivering into water.


  • 2. What is this film made from?

    A:Our food grade films delivery system is a patent pending blend of both synthetic and natural ingredients.  All the ingredients used in the manufacturing of the film is food grade ingredients.  Due to the unique nature of this formulation, we only share the detailed ingredients under a confidential disclosure agreement.

  • 3. Will it only dissolve in hot water?

    A:No. This film is designed to dissolve in any water temperature. The higher the water temperature, the faster the film will dissolve.  For example, in warm to hot water the film will dissolve almost instantly, while it may take about 35 to 40 seconds to dissolve in cold water.

  • 4. Will it only dissolve in water?

    A:No. This film will dissolve in any aqueous solution. For example, water, alcohol, milk, and juices.

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