Have you heard either of the following concerns from your customer feedback?

I am tired of wasting my bulk protein powder.

I am having a hard time opening the pre-portioned multilayer foil packages.

MonoSol films delivery system can help build brand loyalty for your product through convenience and ease of use and exact portion for best performance. It doesn't get any easier than this for your customers - Simply drop a packet into a glass of liquid and stir.


• Sustainable: Eliminate solid waste from landfill with no primary package to throw away

• Convenient: Time saving for consumers on-the-go

• Portion control: Optimum dosage directly from manufacturer

• Customizable: Ability to deliver multiple products that may be incompatible via

multi-compartment or pouch construction


Instant Food and Beverage Formulations

Examples Include:

• Whey Proteins

• Workout Beverages

• Meal Replacement Shakes

• Energy Drinks

• Fiber



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