MonoSol Films delivery system can be your cutting edge solution to common issues in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Water soluble bags that will change the way that additives and ingredients can be added. Our food grade film enables pre-weighed doses of items such as colors, flavors, and enzymes to be delivered into a batch by just tossing the whole delivery system in. No more cross contamination, no more clean-up of dust or spills of messy color. No more measuring of color with can lead to errors, equaling lost dollars. MonoSol films delivery system provides operational benefits beyond just ease of use.


Manufacturing Aids


 Additional Benefits:
• Dissolves quickly and completely
• No additional labelling required, incidental ingredients
• Reduction of packaging waste
• Batch Consistency

Examples Include:
• Colors
• Flavors
• Enzymes
• Other Actives


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