The ability of MonoSol Films delivery system for precise dosing gives a competitive advantage to your personal and/or beauty products.

Our water soluble film can be used to release the perfect amount of skin care and hygiene products.  Anything that is run under water or require water could be delivered using this platform. By portioning out the perfect amount of product each time, consumers do not overuse or waste the product, and they are getting the best bang for their buck every time they make a purchase.


A major benefit to our food grade film would be portability. Product pouches would take up very little space in luggage and as a bonus they would be very easy to bring on airlines despite restrictions on liquids. Even travel-size bottles can be space consuming, so why not conserve precious luggage space with convenient pouches instead? Rest assured that the film is safe for skin since it can even be used as an edible film.



Sustainable: Eliminate solid waste from landfill


Ease of use:  On-the-go convenience; travel size and portion control

Delivering unit-dose pre-measured products for elderly users

Formulation flexibility: Multi-compartment pouches enable separation of   
multiple ingredients until use; improving performance




Personal Care

Examples Include:

Cleansing Oil


Hair Care






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